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Storage Facility

Quicker Packers offer warehousing and storage facilities to host your goods for short and long term in a safe and secure environment. We provide flexible moving along with multiple storage options to cater to your needs.

Your moving and storage requirements are completely taken care of when you move with Quicker Packers. Not only are our storage locations convenient and secure, but our rates are very affordable. So, whether you need to store a couple of things temporarily or many things for an extended period, you can do so cost-effectively and worry-free. Our moving and storage services have been designed to specifically cater our valued customer.


Once you have prepared for an overseas short stay trip or moving to another town for a couple of months, your goods will be transported to our secure warehouse and stored in our specially designed wooden storage vaults. This allows you to keep your goods in a secured facility till the time you return. Oversized items such as Sofas are stored in specially designed racking.


Should you decide for an extended overseas stay, we can arrange to store your goods for a longer term until you return. Your goods will be blanket wrapped, transported to our secure warehouse and stored in our specially designed storage vaults. All goods are inventoried so that you have a record of all the items that we are storing for you.


All our storage areas are temperature and pest controlled with round the clock security monitoring. There is no public access to any of our storage areas. Should you require access to your stored goods; arrangements can be made with a minimum notice. No external party can have access to the storage area without any valid reason / authorization by the Warehouse Manager. Thus maintaining maximum security for all your stored goods.